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Cary D. Heard was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn Hills Senior High School. In 2010, he founded a prom fashions business and created custom tailored vests and gowns for his classmates. Cary makes wowing pieces and has never had a sewing lesson in his life before college. Cary has been featured in various Pittsburgh media publications and TV outlets. He has also had the opportunity to showcase his collections in Pittsburgh Fashion Week and other prominent local runway fashion shows. Cary D. Heard Label has been sold at Sugar Boutique in Lawrenceville and also online stores too. 

Growing up as the middle child of three, Cary was born with fashion in his blood literally. Cary commenced his start with design at an early age. As a tike, Cary was lugged from department stores to malls all over by his fashionista mother; because of her he learned a distinct eye for style. He independently started to select his school wardrobe at the age of nine, began designing at the age of eleven, and started to sew at age thirteen. His first sewing machine was purchased by his best friend’s mother on the condition that he would practice sewing every day. 

With an easygoing attitude and open window to life, Cary can be easily described as charming and kind. He finds inspiration and support in his family, friends, and God. He believes that if you are leading a bronze life, you should strive for a golden one. – his ultimate goal is for his legacy to live beyond him.